RALS 9470

$6,010.95 $5,409.95

All new and all the more intense 9470 Remote Area Lighting System (RALS) gives helpful and environmentally capable other options to inefficient generator fueled lights. Built with the Intelligent Control System which figures and shows current battery life. Also, it enables the client to control the force of the light, pick the coveted runtime or select from three pre-set power levels. Worked because of adaptability, the 9470 RALS highlights four adjustable poles (each stretches out to almost 6 feet) and four 360° articulating light heads. The framework’s cutting-edge LEDs join to transmit up to 24,000 lumens (6,000 for every light head). Controlled by rechargeable batteries, the framework offers remote enactment by means of a Bluetooth application which permits differed light yield from 100% – 0%. For broadened applications, the 9470 can run consistently on divider control. The capacity to leave on charge enables you to dependably be readied. A 12volt power port including a double USB connector gives energy to different fringe gadgets. Assembled independent in an intense as-nails Pelican case, the 9470 is minimized and gives simple ground transport a retractable draw handle and stainless steel metal roller polyurethane wheels.
The Pelican Products RALS models 9460 and 9470 contain fixed lead corrosive batteries that can create hydrogen gas while charging. It is basic that these items are charged, as taught, with the case top open to enable any gases to escape as accusing of the cover shut represents a noteworthy risk. Inability to submit to this direction could bring about damage and additional harm to property. If it’s not too much trouble allude to the notices gave in the guidelines to the unit and on a decal attached to within the case adjoining the depression where the charger unit is pressed.
Housed in a Pelican defender case
Quiet task
Cool working temperatures
No fumes
Four extending LED light heads
Full-time battery level sign with a low-level glimmering pointer
Bluetooth remote enactment
Double USB control connector
RoHS and CE Compliant