7600 Tactical Flashlight


Consolidating the most recent lighting innovation alongside a variety of highlights while keeping up a minimized outline make the Pelican 7600 a standout amongst other all-round law implementation spotlights accessible.
Execution outperforming 900 lumens combined with a USB rechargeable lithium particle battery is only the start of this multi-gifted item. Notwithstanding the extraordinary elite white LED light yield, a red and green LED are incorporated. These extra hues give esteems, for example, night vision safeguarding and can be utilized for movement control when joined forces with a slip-on wand adornment.
The 7600 gives high, strobe, medium and low modes. You can browse 5 distinct projects to customize these modes to your preferences. The full-time battery level pointer guarantees you will dependably know where your battery status is. Plated with a Type III hard anodizing complete gives the most powerful wrap-up. The capacity to utilize expendable CR123 batteries if control is inaccessible guarantees you’ll never be without light when it is required most. The removable pocket clasp and its IPX8 submersible status adjust the numerous highlights on the Pelican 7600.

  • Sort III hard-anodized wrap-up
  • Unrestricted Lifetime Guarantee of Excellence
  • USB Lithium Ion Rechargeable
  • Full-Time Battery Level Indication
  • Selectable Modes
  • 3 LED Colors
  • Entrance Protected IPX8 Submersible