Here is what happens from the time you contact us for a quote to the moment you receive the finish product:

1.  Initial Contact:  Our experienced sales force will determine your exact requirements for your particular situation.  We don’t expect you to be a case expert – that is our job.  Together we will develop a solution that precisely meets your needs.

2. Quote: We work with you to develop a cost effective solution that meets your budget.  We will also estimate a delivery time based on the workload in the shop and your level of urgency.

3. Design: The specifications are given to our design experts.  Using computer technologies, the case goes from concept to drawings, parts list and assembly instructions.

4. Customer Confirmation:  We confirm that our design will be exactly what you were expecting.  This usually involves sending you drawings for approval upon customer request as well as resolving any design issues with you.

5.  Parts assembly:  While we stock thousands of parts in-house, your item may require special parts.  We check our inventory to make sure we have all the parts and order any parts that are required as needed.

6.  Assembly:  When all the parts are in, the job goes into the queue for assembly.  Hard cases typically go to our automated router machine, then pre-assembly, then hardware installation and finally interior installation.  Sewn jobs have a greater variety of steps depending on the complexity of the job.

7.  Final inspection and shipment.  Products are inspected, prepared for shipment and sent to their destination.

All our products are custom made. We do not carry any stock products. (Pelican Products are the exception). This assures you get exactly what you need. Whether we are building 1 item or 100, our design process is essentially the same assuring a customized solution that you can be proud of.